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Podcast 81 – The Business of Robots: Coming to an Industry Near You!

The Business of Robots: Coming to an Industry Near You!

On this episode of #PoisedforExit, we spoke with two partners at Durabotics, Ron Jost and Tim Hedlund who are expanding the robot systems they manufacture to new industries. Their primary focus has been industrial robotics, and it will remain as such, however they're breaking new ground with the medical and hospitality industry!

Imagine sitting in a restaurant and a “Bella Bot” comes to your table to serve water and hand you a menu… 

The fact that robots increase efficiency and save time and money is nothing new, especially in the industrial marketplace. But the fact that our workforce seems to be shrinking every year is great cause for concern and the question is, how will many businesses continue to operate if they can't find the people to take the jobs? 

You've likely heard an age-old objection that “robots take away people's jobs“, but Tim says that is almost never the case. He's been in the robotics industry nearly 40 years, so he should know. What robots can do for example is enable workers to do higher level, customer facing jobs that impact growth and revenue. The Durabotics tagline states that their products are “designed to take on the jobs that human beings can't do, won't do or shouldn't do.” Dangerous jobs. Mundane and repetitive jobs. Lower level jobs that are essential to overall production but could be done by anyone and tend to cause higher employee attrition. 

Durabotics is expanding in industries not traditionally set up for robotics, but would be greatly impacted by implementing robotic systems

Tim said the robot itself is only 20% of the entire system. It's the system behind the robot that impacts the business so much, and each system is customized in industrial situations. However, Bella Bot products are much lower in cost and are built and ready to go!

For more on Durabotics and their latest “Bella Bot”, listen to the episode now.

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