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What are the factors for building business value?

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Value Growth or Value Enhancement is a process used to take a business from where it is now to where the business owner wants it to be. As a Value Growth adviser, I will assist and guide you, the business owner in growing and improving your business, thereby building business value. This process will help to expand the options you have as an owner and eventually a seller of your business; and who doesn’t want to exit on their own terms?

It’s important to explore, plan and implement both your business goals and your personal goals; they go hand in hand. We do this through a Strategic Planning process. As we focus on results and creating value for your company, you will begin to learn that you have more options than you thought. As we think about and plan for ‘what’s next’ after you exit your business, you may be surprised to feel a renewed sense of enthusiasm for it. After many years of owning and operating a business, many owners find themselves burned out, which can and does lead to a decrease in the value of the company due to the owner’s disengagement. After we’ve worked together for a while, my clients are better educated on their options and can then make a sound decision on their future.

A solid Stake Holder Analysis is a part of the process too; we need to know where each stands before we can determine where to go and who’s going to be a part of it. As we strategize and prioritize your goals, we align the Strategic Plan and its components with your leadership team to help them strategize and implement their own accountabilities. This is a necessary part and produces ‘buy-in’ from all the key players.

As your Value Growth adviser, my focus is on your success and future business succession.

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