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What are the factors for business growth and building company value?

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Strategy planning and implementation is a process used to take a business from where it is now to where the business owner wants it to be. In today’s world, business owners are looking for opportunities to grow the value of their business; competition is inevitable, and you want to ensure you’re selling for the highest value.

Whether your end goal is to exit your business or strategically seek business growth, it’s important to explore, plan, and implement both your business and personal goals — they go hand in hand. Businesses that are well-oiled and have their processes firmly implemented have the best outcomes when exiting.

Are you seeking a business growth adviser to help improve company value and plan for future business succession?

A Strategic Planning Process can help you plan for “what’s next” by:

  • Focusing on results and creating value for your company — you may be surprised to learn you have more options than you thought
  • Relieving the sense of burnout that many owners feel after owning and operating their businesses for many years
  • Offering education opportunities on your options and assist you in making sound decisions for the future
KeyeStrategies and our business advisors conduct a Stakeholder Analysis as a part of our strategic planning process. There is value in knowing where each stakeholder stands in the business before we can determine where to go and who’s going to be a part of it. As we strategize and prioritize your goals, we align the strategic plan and its components with your leadership team to help them strategize and implement their own accountabilities. This is a necessary part and produces ‘buy-in’ from all the key players.

Value Acceleration Process Overview

The Value Acceleration Process consists of three phases: discover, prepare, and decide. Julie provides a holistic approach to looking at your overall goals, whether you are planning for exit or in a growth phase.

Based on your unique situation, our experts will discuss timelines or develop a process to meet these goals. Here’s how the process works:

  • During the discovery process, Julie will conduct various meetings with the business owners, their leaders and their advisors to gain big picture clarity and assess overall readiness and risk, as well as to understand the scope of each advisor on the team.
  • As a result of this phase of our work together, you’re one step closer to understanding your exit options and a customized action plan.
  • During this phase of the process, Julie will begin to implement your customized action plan and help you assemble an advisory board. Our extensive Trusted Advisor network is curated and assembled from various disciplines and accessible for you when a situation arises and the time is right to build your own Advisory Board.
  • The Strategic Planning Process will involve you and your leadership team. We’ll determine our best options for business growth and improvement which add to the enterprise value of your business. We then implement an action plan, that with Julie’s guidance will positively impact your entire team, realize your objectives sooner and make your business an even greater place to work. After the “Prepare” phase is complete, you’re more ready to explore what your exit options might be. For some it will mean “stay on and grow the business for a while” , for others it will require some time to build a delegation plan for internal successors and still for others, it may mean “it’s time to sell, and we know we’re ready”. The more time you have to make these decisions, the more sound those decisions will be. You have the right to change your mind, too! When the time comes to Decide on a path, you’ll feel more comfortable, more educated and more assured of the right choice for you and your stakeholders.
  • Now that you and your business are prepared, we must determine if the Market is also ready. Your baseline valuation will be re-calculated, and a determination will be made to keep or sell the business with the help of your other trusted advisors.
  • In phase 3, you’re feeling more confident about the decision to stay in the business, sell part or all of it, and what your new role will be in the business if you stay. You’ll also be more confident in what your new life will be like outside of the business as you move into your Next Act, whatever that may be! For some owners, it’s remaining an entrepreneur. For others, it’s volunteering, mentoring, consulting, philanthropy, travel, hobbies or all of the above!

Business Owner Online Course: Start Your Business Transition Process

Preparing a business for a future internal or external transition takes at least five years. Exit planning can be complicated and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be with the right help, resources, and preparation. KeyeStrategies’ Business Transition Readiness online course is an ideal companion for business owners ready to start planning for a future transition or sale.