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Strategic Planning Guidance Podcast for Busy Business Owners

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Julie Keyes hosts a weekly podcast, Poised for Exit, that features business owners and professionals from a variety of industries. The podcast for small business owners discusses topics, experiences, and lessons relevant to small businesses with actionable next steps. Whether you’re currently working on your business transition process or you are preparing for the future, the Poised for Exit podcast provides industry-leading insights for your business.

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Bret Erickson, President at Passkey Technology, covers best practices in IT for business owners, especially in a merger or acquisition situation.
Heather Parbst says that owners should take a “windshield vs rear view mirror approach” to choosing and grooming a successor.

Brian Slipka, CEO, founder & acquirer of numerous companies in various industries, with a common foundational thread: help people & success will follow.

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Each week you’ll hear certified exit planning advisor, Julie Keyes, talk with a range of entrepreneurs and professionals about preparing your business for a future transition. Whether you’re planning an exit in the near future or not, this show will provide you with the same action-oriented content that Julie utilizes while consulting with KeyeStrategies clients.

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