KeyeStrategies, LLC is an advisory firm that caters to working with entrepreneurs looking to grow and improve their business. The owner of the company, Julie Keyes also provides Exit Planning Services for her clients who are within 5 years of transitioning out of their business. Most clients work with Julie on an individual basis, some prefer a Round Table setting and others invite her to present workshops for employees or professional groups on various topics.

  • Go the extra mile
  • Never give up
  • Live with passion and belief
  • Golden Rule living

Julie Keyes is astute at helping business owners create and implement solid working plans for their companies and personal growth. Recognized as one of the top coaches in Minnesota, Julie brings her training and 30 years of hands-on experience as co-founder of three businesses. Julie is an esteemed Minneapolis Business Coach.

Her personal values align well with her passion for delivering more than she is paid to do. As a sought after business adviser, speaker, and presenter, she never “tells” or lectures her clients or audiences, rather she engages them with thought-provoking and actionable ideas and content they can use and apply to their business and their life.

In 1989, Julie began her entrepreneurial journey and for three decades she experienced many of the same situations that her business owner clients are facing today. She understands when they are feeling alone, overwhelmed, and not knowing where to turn on big decisions.

Her mission is to help business owners increase revenue, improve cash flow, team engagement and operational efficiency while helping them live their best life and reach their full potential.


Julie provides an abundance of coaching, consulting, and business improvement services – including (but not limited to):

Unlock Your Potential as a Business Owner.


“Julie has been instrumental in helping us sharpen our vision for our law firm over the past year. She has strong skills in strategic planning, and her objective perspective and willingness to share her thoughtful insights about how we can improve have helped catapult us to the next level. She not only has helped us define and implement our plans for our firm, but she has provided important coaching to every employee at our firm, helping each individual find their full potential. Our investment in her services has been extremely worthwhile.”
Erin Turner - Partner, Johnson / Turner Legal
“I have been working with Julie Keyes as my Business Coach since March 2014 and she has literally changed the course of my career. Julie was able to help me reach down deep, to get really clear about my goals and dreams. This process resulted in the birth of an entirely new business in the last year. Not only that, Julie has helped me to manage the transition of launching a new business,while still maintaining my existing business. She has provided invaluable guidance, resources and encouragement, at each step of the journey. I cannot imagine where I would be without her. If you are considering working with Julie, do it. It will be the best decision you could make, to be successful in everything you are aiming to achieve!”
Jennifer Konieczny - Co-Founder, JD Mentor
“We’re glad to have Julie to challenge our thinking, bring outside experience and perspective to our leadership team, and continue to push our limits as we grow and change our organization.”
Tony Morse - President, Demand Chain Systems
“There are so many things I have accomplished with Julie’s direction, coaching and focus. I do know my company is doing better today because of how Julie has challenged me, made me stretch, and provided accountability.”
Lori Moen, President, Viking Trophies and Recognition
“Julie is keeping me accountable to my goals. Her belief that I will be successful is very encouraging. Knowing I will see Julie for our coaching sessions keeps me working on my goals. She helps me get unstuck.”
Tammie Rosenbloom - Owner, Walk Talk Therapy, LLC
With company growth comes the need to grow managers into key positions and successfully plan an exit strategy. Julie has helped me identify the potential rising stars and has worked with them individually to groom their talents to match the company needs.
Lori Bauer - Owner, Climate Makers
Julie brings a clarity and focus to her coaching that has been so helpful. Even though my business is small, it can still be lonely “at the top.” Her experience and outside perspective has kept me on track with our strategy to add company value every step of the way.
Anne Kelly - President, Junonia, Ltd.


Julie provides information on what’s new in the world of business success, coaching, and exit planning!

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