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Develop an Exit Strategy for a Smooth Business Transition

Did you know that it takes at least five years to prepare a business for a future internal or external transition?

Exit planning can be a complicated and time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be with the right help, resources, and preparation. KeyeStrategies’ Business Transition Readiness online course is an ideal companion for business owners who are ready to start planning for a future transition or sale.

Business Transition Readiness Course Details

The course is organized into five intuitively-designed modules, which are broken down into easy-to-digest sections with over 20 videos alongside downloadable worksheets so you can apply what you’ve learned immediately after the lesson. After enrolling for $499, you’ll have access to the course’s five modules for 60 days of unlimited access. During these 60 days, you can retake the entire course if you’d like (which we recommend doing for maximum retention!). We all learn at different paces, and you may want more than the allotted 60 days to fully grasp the course’s content. If so, you can purchase additional time for a nominal fee – you won’t have to pay the full price ever again!

Exit Strategies for Small Businesses & Large Enterprises

Whether you’re looking to pass on a family business or seal a sale, this course will set you up for success. The Business Transition Readiness online course has modules designed for small businesses, large enterprises, and everything in between. With flexible strategies that are tailored to the specific needs of your business based on its size and position in the market, this course is perfect for any business owner looking to exit.

Receive Your Business Readiness Rating

You’ll complete our comprehensive rating exercise at the beginning of the course, which sets the stage for the rest of the modules. After finishing the exercise, you’ll have a solid understanding of your readiness for a successful business transition, as well as the areas for improvement as you develop your business exit plan.

Business Readiness vs. Owner Readiness: What’s the Difference?

What is the meaning of “readiness” in business transitions? Does the definition change when considering the owner, employees, or business? In the Business Transition Readiness course, we’ll bring clarity to the term “Business Readiness” and “Owner Readiness” and set the stage for improvement across both avenues.

Online Business Transition Readiness Course

Preparing for a Sale With Business Value Growth Strategies

After preparing yourself and your business for a future transition, it’s time to implement strategies that will grow the value of your business. Building tangible business value prior to succession is just as much an art as it is a science. Uncover common mistakes that tarnish the valuation of your business and tactics that will create sustainable growth up until the transition date.

Legacy Planning Process for Passing on a Family Business

Not every business transition plan involves a sale to an external party. Instead, many business owners want to pass leadership and control down to another member of the family. Even though the transition is internal, success still depends on a well-thought-out succession plan and dedicated preparation. In the Business Transition Readiness course, you’ll be equipped with every tool necessary to master this process.

Get Exclusive Access to Exit Planning Worksheets & Tools

Throughout the Business Transition Readiness course, you’ll get permanent access to exclusive downloads that will help you develop an exit strategy of the same quality that would come from having a Certified Exit Planning Advisor like Julie by your side. Below is one example of the many assets available to you in our course.

Built & Presented by a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA)

The Business Transition Readiness course is developed and presented by Julie Keyes, author and Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA). Julie has helped countless business owners develop and execute a successful transition plan for businesses of every size.

Throughout the program, Julie will guide you through the modules with interactive activities and easy-to-digest videos. Julie uses the same techniques and strategies she’s applied to high-profile clients and high-stakes exits with an unparalleled success rate.

Start Prepping for Business Transition Today!

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