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Podcast 61 – Work From Home Employees Need a Buddy System

Today's #PoisedforExit episode featured Marcia O'Connor, CEO and Founder of the award winning firm, The O'Connor Group based in Philadelphia. Marcia humbly told her success story of how she has built her company over the last fourteen years on referrals and treating people well, or “spoiling them” as she puts it. 

The O'Connor Group, a 60 person firm of recruiters and HR professionals,  provides Human Resources and Recruiting Services for medium and large size firms across the country. Their claim to fame is “Do the Right Thing” and they do. 

A golden nugget from today's interview with Marcia was in her explaining the need employees have for connection, especially those working from home. The loneliness and depression many of these people are feeling is real. A simple solution that Marcia helps clients adopt is a Buddy System for their work-from-home employees and it's paying off big time. 

We talked a great deal about best practices for recruiting high quality talent. Marcia said there are 5 jobs for every one person out there right now! So, following the same old recruiting procedures won't work. 

How do you attract the best candidates?” I asked her. Marcia gave these pieces of advice:

  • Don't be cheap
  • Be creative on how you attract candidates; know why your company is special and convey that message 
  • Show off your company culture

Marcia said it's everyone's job to recruit, not just the HR staff. Get the team involved, explain what you're looking for and provide rewards for hiring referrals. 

For more timely advice from Marcia O'Connor, listen to this episode now.

Find Marcia here and find Julie here.

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