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Podcast 60 – A Second Swing at Entrepreneurship: The Story of Wahiwater

It was a blast spending time with today's #PoisedforExit guests, Sam and Peter Blankenship, owners and founders of Wahiwater. When we first met in 2018, I was one of the speakers for an event they attended and afterwards we chatted. We worked together for a while as they assembled their start up team, took a break as they raised capital, and now as guests on my show, I got to catch up and hear about everything that's happened. 

Being brothers, Peter and Sam knew in their college days that they'd be partners in business. Their strengths magically play off each other and are the epitome of an ideal partnership. Their first swing at business ownership was in the medical industry and they did very well. Eventually, they were acquired, but not without some tough lessons

Fast forward to today, Wahiwater is a delicious water product that comes in 4 flavor essences. Pure water with plant-based ingredients to enhance the health benefits of the product. Sam and Peter have not only assembled a strong network of private investors, but also an internal team of professional advisers and leadership that together have produced some amazing growth. With the ingenuity, grit and attitude of champions, Peter and Sam have accomplished great things. Yet, they're just getting started! Their motto: “The best idea wins, no matter who thought of it“. 

Next on the horizon is sparkling flavored water (nutrition focused), immunity water and effervescent tablets too. There's no doubt this company is one to watch, and when they become acquired (which will surely happen someday) you'll find them starting yet another venture. 

The lessons and stories they shared in this episode will resonate with any business owner, no matter what stage. To hear about their journey and what's next for Wahiwater, listen here for the full episode.

Find Peter and Sam here and find Julie here.

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