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Podcast 197: Why Culture Matters when you’re Poised for Exit

 Why Culture Matters when you're Poised for Exit

Our guest for today's episode is Dave Sparkman, Founder and Culture advisor with Spark Your Culture Advisory Services. Dave's corporate and accounting background (as a former CPA with Arthur Andersen) have served him well in his advisory practice. His biggest project to date was in leading the Culture transformation of UnitedHealth Group!  Dave lead the charge to change and build a stronger Culture there, the impetus of which was launched by its CEO, who knew that the Culture was “already good, but could be better”.

Dave's task of transformation at UnitedHealth Group started with his own transformation; identifying where his own blinders were and what he did to operate in a silo himself. When leaders take on developing their own Self Awareness, it opens the way for their followers to do the same. “Culture resists what it needs the most”, Dave said, and yet “it's the bedrock of everything”!  Two quotes we had to be sure and include here; gems that they are!

When it comes to applying his practices to privately held business, Dave says the fundamentals are the same. His work now involves much smaller companies than his original start with UnitedHealth.  Defining the beliefs of the team and the leadership first, then aligning those with that of the company is the best place to start. 

You can find Dave here and add your name to a waiting list for his new book coming out this fall called “Culture, Character, Results! Lessons From UnitedHealth Group's Transformational Journey” . 

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