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Podcast 198: Lessons Learned: Navigating Company Culture during a Business Sale

Lessons Learned: Navigating Company Culture during a Business Sale

Today's episode featured Brent Peterson, Founder and President of several companies over the years, and most recently a firm called ContentBasis. Brent shared his exit story with us today that he believes could have been so much better, had he known then what he knows now!  Of course, we all wish we had a crystal ball, but his former experience emphasizes the importance of having competent advisors before, during and after the transition. 

Brent's background in technology led him to becoming an early adopter of the Magento Ecommerce platform. He and his wife built the company to a point where they believed it was time for someone else to take it to the next level. At 60 employees, and with clients all over the world, his firm was well positioned to sell during the pandemic, which is what happened. He stayed on for two years; learned some tough lessons, and shared those generously with our listeners. 

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