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Podcast 195: 195 – Next Level Collaboration in Exit Planning: Dealmakers and Manufacturers Team up for Better Owner Outcomes!

Next Level Collaboration in Exit Planning: Dealmakers and Manufacturers Team up for Better Owner Outcomes!

We had the pleasure of welcoming two guests, representing two different industries, but working together to achieve better outcomes for their manufacturing business clients. Kevin Szozda, Director of Strategic Relationships with Sunbelt Business Advisors and True North M&A, and Steve Kalina, President and CEO of MN Precision Manufacturing Association.  

Their intentional collaboration efforts between the two organizations begun about two years ago, but since Steve and Kevin met, it's become more robust and is making a difference in numerous ways. A significant outcome has been through the generosity of the Advisors at Sunbelt and True North, who after the closing of a sale of one of the MPMA member owners, they donate a portion of their fee to a manufacturing scholarship fund so as to keep the manufacturing legacy of MN going, and to help foster training the best and brightest for our manufacturing sector.  

Steve's recent trip to Germany was an eye opening experience that produced innovative ideas for how to regularly focus on developing a strong workforce of the future. The Apprenticeship model he learned about was the most impactful, and he hopes to emulate it as much as possible within the MPMA organization. “One of our biggest problems in manufacturing right now has to do with all the gray hair out there” he said. “We need to be working towards succession plans for those aging key people, and that's not happening like it should.”   

So much more that we discussed!  Listen to this excellent interview right here ____________. 

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