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Podcast 194: 194 – Using Data to Drive Decisions for Growth, Acquisitions and Exit

Using Data to Drive Decisions for Growth, Acquisitions and Exit

Our guest for this episode is Luke Komiskey, Founder and CEO of DataDrive, a data analytics company who enables its clients to make fast, informed decisions through the use of data and AI!

Luke says he's always been an entrepreneur at heart and has enjoyed the challenge of starting and growing companies. And he's helped numerous clients grow their businesses, by helping them collect, analyze and utilize their data for strategic decision making. He's a member and big fan of the Entrepreneur's Organization and leads as a Board member for them as well. 

Luke says every company has pockets of data sitting in different spots within the systems of the company; most are not utilized. What if a company had a service who could not only dissect this data from various places, but also interpret what it means and provide you with advice on how best to use it? That's what Luke's company does; his technicians are not only national but global and he's working with some pretty impressive companies. 

DataDrive takes a Managed Services approach that creates long term relationships and allows techs to become very familiar with a business's strategy, philosophy and nuances within the competition. This puts them in a position to provide immense value for the client!

Private Equity firms like to partner with DataDrive to assist them in making sound analytical decisions about companies they're interested in acquiring. DataDrive creates Scorecards for the business once its been acquired, so the PE firm can monitor financial and operational metrics of their investment. 

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