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Podcast 189 – Kendall Qualls and TakeChargeMN: Making Black Lives Better!

Kendall Qualls and TakeChargeMN: Making Black Lives Better!

It's been a few years since Kendall Qualls was in the studio, so it was great to have him back again. Kendall is the Founder and President of TakeChargeMN, a nonprofit described as “a Coalition supporting Blacks in the pursuit of American core principles”.  Their foundational approach includes fostering free enterprise, education, faith and family life in the Black community. All of the values that have historically made America the destination of many from around the globe who aspire to achieve their dreams. 

Kendall started out in dire poverty as a child, yet over time was able to rise above it and accomplish some remarkable things. From being a Military officer, to a C-level leader for several Fortune 100 companies, to a professor at Crown College, Kendall has a background that affords him a wide area of subject matter expertise. As a black man, he has had his share of discrimination and setbacks over the years, but does not believe our country is racist. Rather he believes that America still provides the best opportunities in the world for anyone, regardless of color, and that Black Americans just need the right support, resources and encouragement to succeed, with the nuclear family at its core. Statistically, two parent black households have been on the decline since the 1960's and now comprise just 20% of Black households. Kendall is out to change that through education, leadership and promoting entrepreneurship opportunities that build up black families rather than diminish them. 

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