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Podcast 190 – Building our “All Star Network” with Cathy Paper

Building our  “All Star Network” with Cathy Paper

Cathy Paper has been teaching best practices in meaningful connections for many years and we were happy to have her on the show again today, because we know that Business Development and building a network that fosters it can be very challenging; regardless of the industry!  

If you have sales people or other professionals whose job it is to be the face of the business, but who don't like to leave the office, this episode is for you. Let's face it, some people are “people people” and some are “project people”, yet there are folks in both groups who are many times in charge of building a book of business. 

“Paper” as everyone calls her, delivered some simple, valuable techniques for how to build a strong network, and she said “it doesn't have to be just for business referrals”. Having other professionals in your network that you can connect to your inner circle are just as valuable. She also noted that a diverse network is also recommended; people with different backgrounds, ethnicities, and generations bring a wealth of unexpected perspective, expertise and knowledge. To her point about networking with 20 somethings, they know people and have technology prowess far beyond the older generations who may have more street smarts or industry expertise. In other words, if you want to know how to effectively use TikTok, ask a 20 something! We all have our strengths. 

Some primary tips from Paper include: 
Be on time
Introduce yourself well
Do one new thing weekly to build your network
Understand how to use LinkedIn to your benefit and start with your Profile!
Take a few risks; if you normally would not be the first to initiate a conversation, try it
Be genuine, whether online or in person

Her new book “A Scaredy Cat's Guide to Networking: Bloopers, Blueprints and Best Practices”     is in its pre-order stage and can be found below on her website!

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