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Podcast 185 – Misbeliefs about Private Equity Partnership: Success Stories Revealed!

Misbeliefs about Private Equity Partnership: Success Stories Revealed!

We had the pleasure of hosting Shane Slominski on today's episode, who is a partner with Tonka Bay Private Equity Partners in the Twin Cities. Shane has been in the PE space with Tonka Bay for 18 years, and prior to that was a practicing CPA in the M&A space with Arthur Anderson and Deloitte. During those years, he worked often with PE owned companies and learned a lot about how Private Equity worked, prompting him to seek a role in a firm to get more involved, which is when he found Tonka Bay.

Shane says that the world of Private Equity is really growing, and that each one has their own unique set of criteria around ideal acquisition targets. For Tonka Bay,. they're looking for companies with owners who are partners or founders seeking a way to scale the company and take some chips off the table. Shane says that the values and desires for the future of the business are an important aspect of finding a good match for his firm. It was a refreshing thing to hear, since so many owners would deem PE to be a last resort, due to all the bad press its received over the years. But, as Shane said, things have changed and owners have many options in this space, especially if they have well run, profitable companies with growth potential

Some things he recommends that sellers do now to drive the attractiveness of their business are to first, decentralize themselves from their companies. He said that is a big issue for PE (as with any buyer). 

If you are an owner and looking for a partner to take your business to the next level, consider chatting with Tonka Bay Equity Partners! Find them here and Shane here.  

Shane shared some impressive client success stories, so be sure to listen to the episode here

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