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Podcast 186 – Tiger 21: Your Personal Board of Directors

Tiger 21: Your Personal Board of Directors

Our guest today was Bonnie Speer McGrath, Chair of the Minneapolis chapter of Tiger 21, a ultra-high net-worth peer group for entrepreneurs, investors and executives

Bonnie's background and role as a peer group facilitator are quite different from the typical facilitator profile, since her members are all ultra wealthy individuals. As she said, people think when you have all that money why would you need a peer group? And the answer is that life doesn't end just because you sell a business and acquire significant assets. The challenges, opportunities and problems of life don't go away when money enters the picture, they just change (and change a lot). The benefit of being supported by others who have been there and understand is huge, and Tiger 21 is an appropriate next step for growers of wealth to take advantage of. As I have always said, outside perspective is priceless when you have the right kind. 

Tiger 21 was founded by an entrepreneur who sold his company and needed to stay engaged in something meaningful and productive. He'd been in a peer group prior to selling, but that was no longer an option after the sale. Enter the concept of Tiger 21 for those who've recently had a large liquidity event and are looking for ways to keep life meaningful and productive, but want to associate with the same kind of people. 

The benefits for members of Tiger 21 might be similar to other peer groups, but let's say they're on steroids 😉   Some of the unique benefits are that they are located in 45 cities across the country with 1300 members who gather annually for their Global Exchange event, where members can share advice, network connections and participate in educational offerings. Members give and receive investment and philanthropic advice, share connections, life hacks and many other tips for better living. Each meeting includes a spotlight on one member with others providing feedback. Their unique challenges and opportunities are faced in knowing their fellow Tiger 21 members have their back. Bonnie shared so much more! Just listen to the interview here

Learn more about Tiger 21  here and here

Find Bonnie here and Julie here 

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