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Podcast 161 – Partners Making it Work: Yard Creations’ 20 years of Success!

Partners Making it Work: Yard Creations'  20 years of Success!

#PoisedforExit had the pleasure of interviewing Wayne Arndt and Adam Dewey, founders and owners of Yard Creations from the Brainerd Lakes area that specializes in lake home and large estate landscaping design and fine gardening.

Adam and Wayne have had a love for landscaping for many years and met as co-workers for another firm before joining forces and starting their own business. Here they are 20 years later with well earned success and a reputation that keeps the phone ringing!

Over the years they have gone through many highs and lows. They recalled a customer whose home was under construction on a very steep embankment and when a highly impactful rain storm hit, all the landscaping work they'd done on the hill washed away. They had to go back and redo all of the work at their own expense. That homeowner is still a customer of theirs many years later. The kind of service that's uncommon for sure, but the kind that gets them a steady stream of referrals from both past customers and general contractors alike. 

Fine Gardening and Landscape Design are two of their biggest attractors, along with irrigation service. Installation of the designs has also built loyal customers, many of whom add on every year due to the high quality of work. Check out the gallery here.

As partners, Adam and Wayne have worked hard to communicate well and regularly, and understand each other so well, they can 'read' what the other will do or say. “Almost like my spouse, maybe even more so!” said Adam. 

They acknowledged the fine team of field and office staff they've built and feel very fortunate to have people with the expertise and team emphasis that their employees have. They truly trust them to get the job done well and on time. 

Listen to the episode! Connect with Wayne Arndt here, Adam Dewey here and Julie Keyes here.

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