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Podcast 144 – From Teacher to Financial Founder: The Inspiring Journey of Stacey Stelter and GTS Financial Services

From Teacher to Financial Founder: The Inspiring Journey of Stacey Stelter and GTS Financial Services

#PoisedforExit met with Stacey Stelter, Co-Founder of GTS Financial Services.  Stacey is a former Elementary School teacher and learned some skills that were quite transferable from that career into becoming a founder of a financial services firm. Stacey, Tyler and Grant are the co-founders of GTS Financial.  Grant and Tyler have been in the industry 15+ years and are CFPs. Stacey has been in the industry 8 years and is the Director of Client Services.

Stacey is not a stranger to being an entrepreneur and starting something from scratch. Her passion for finance and for helping people achieve their financial goals is what drove her to leave her career as a teacher and move into a different kind of ‘teaching’; that of one who teaches business owners how to save and invest for a secure future! In between those two careers, she also directed a couple of non-profit organizations and raised her kids at the same time.

GTS Financial not only stands for Grant, Tyler and Stacey (she and her partners) but also their Core Values of Gratitude, Transparency and Service. We talked about the ways GTS differentiates itself in the marketplace and how their Core Values drive their business model and decisions. There's a Japanese acronym that uses a Venn Diagram to illustrate how to live your best life: Love what you do, Be Good at What you do, Do what the World Needs and Get paid for it. Thus, the recipe for any owner who's stuck in planning their Next Act!

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