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Podcast 145 – Structuring Deals, Putting out Fires and Getting Clients to the Closing Table

Structuring Deals, Putting out Fires and Getting Clients to the Closing Table

We delivered a Special Edition of Poised for Exit today and had the privilege of interviewing two experts on how collaboration works and why it can make or break a deal. Brett Larson, M&A Attorney with Messerli Kramer and Colin Johnson, Managing Director at Wipfli Corporate Finance were our guests and talked about how they work together structuring deals, putting out fires and getting their clients to the closing table. When it comes to achieving the best outcome for a business exit, using the right team with essential areas of expertise makes all the difference. 

Colin says it all starts by understanding and aligning with the owner's goals and sometimes he has to work to help the owner discover what they really want. Colin's investment banking skills and background make him the kind of advisor owners believe has their back. Colin won't take a deal unless he believes he can get it done.  

Brett agreed that the owner's goals are at the top when helping them decide the right path for exit. Brett and Colin have a clear understanding of how to work together collaboratively. Sometimes Brett is driving and sometimes Colin is in the lead yet each know when to step back to let the other take over. Brett says that when an owner comes to him late in the game, for instance already having a Letter of Intent, he needs to “get smart fast” on what's happening with the owner's business and the owner in terms of assessing and mitigating risk as much as possible. 

The key to keeping momentum going and to avoid deal fatigue is to have the right people on the team. With the right expertise at the table, the flow of the transaction takes less time thereby reducing cost and stress for the owner and everyone else. 

Listen to the episode to learn more about their take on market conditions and what owners should do to prepare themselves for a future sale. 

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