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Podcast 115 – Systematize Your Revenue Streams Through Digital Automation!

Systematize Your Revenue Streams Through Digital Automation!

In this episode of #Poised for Exit I had the honor of interviewing Dr. Theresa Ashby, Founder of Kaleidoscope Media Services. On top of running a successful firm, “Dr. T” is also an author, professional speaker, and podcast host. We talked today about how businesses today should strongly consider adding digital products and educational content to their business model, for a variety of reasons. 

The purpose for adding digital products will vary from client to client. Some are interested in expanding their reach and offering online courses that can share knowledge and expertise as a revenue stream. Some firms are looking to educate and motivate internal teams, whether they work locally or in other geographic locations. This strategy can be a perfect solution for employers trying to build culture with employees who are all over the map. Dr. T says the use of online communities where people can have conversations at a different level are a great way to build teamwork and values. Kaleidoscope Media Services provides creative solutions to companies looking to accomplish these elusive objectives.

Dr. T offered many more valuable tips and advice! Listen to the episode: 

She's also offering a no-sell, complimentary chat to discuss your business and see if it's a good candidate for digital offerings. Schedule your complimentary time here:

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