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Podcast 114 – Pre Due Diligence Leads to the Best M & A Outcomes!

Pre Due Diligence Leads to the Best M & A Outcomes!

This #PoisedforExit episode features a conversation today with KG Graminschi, Senior Associate with True North M & A.  We talked about how the work I do as an Exit Planner impacts an owner's exit outcome and how being prepared well in advance ensures that the owners will have more options and sell for a higher multiple

KG says that most owners he works with are somewhat prepared, but don't always have outside advisers working with them regularly who could take them to the next level of valuation, which is where I come in.  Working with owners to maximize strengths, improve weak areas and capitalize on opportunities for growth will naturally flow through to a higher bottom line and higher net proceeds. 

What is “readiness”? Well, it's not when the owner 'feels' ready, unless they've done the work to get themselves prepared and their business is turnkey. KG says that owner centricity and customer concentration are common pitfalls with the clients he's worked with, but it's not in their area of expertise to work with owners like I do to eradicate those issues. The M&A advisor simply assesses the owners readiness and identifies the areas needed for improvement and informs the owners when they deem they're really not 'ready'. KG says that if the owners had an exit planner on board the positive impact would be significant.  

TNMA (True North M & A) has a motto for their potential business buyers that says “overwhelm them with yeses!” In other words, say 'yes' more than 'no'. Buyers want to hear 'yes' whenever possible to keep their interest and ensure a successful closing. 

There's a lot of extra content to this show, so listen to it here! 

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