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Podcast Ep 98. Remodeling a Remodeling Business!

In this episode we interviewed the father and son team, John and Marc Sylvestre of Sylvestre Remodeling and Design, who shared some of their transition planning journey with us which started at the onset of the pandemic!

Through many trials and unforeseen obstacles, they created a plan for John's eventual transition by bringing in Marc in a leadership position, working alongside John for the first year and then taking much of the control of the business in year 2.  As a client of mine for many years, I have to commend John for the way he never pushed Marc into taking over. He would ask him regularly “are you still having fun and do you still want to do this?” to which Marc would say “yes and yes”. It has been a gradual, methodical transition process that has produced great success for them and the entire company. 

When John started in the business 50 years ago (as a young teen) he really liked to create and build things. So, when he went to college he studied Architecture, and upon graduating, started up his own company with another partner. Fast forward to now, Sylvestre Remodeling and Design is an award winning contractor and top name in high quality remodeling work in the Twin Cities, and Marc's goal is to keep it that way. 

One claim to fame is that John runs his business on tried and true systems and processes; something not commonly found in his industry. He said they like to take something that's not working and make it work. An example of a client they helped had adopted a girl with special needs, so they had to sell the house that John had formerly remodeled and buy another one more conducive to her needs, but it still needed accessibility work, so the Sylvestre team created living space that could accommodate her strengths. 

Marc's goal is to help his Dad have more time away from the business and he's accomplishing that well. John says that won't happen abruptly, because he's still having fun and likes to contribute as well as mentor Marc while he becomes accustomed to being in the leadership chair. After just two years, Marc is doing really well. The two of them along with the entire Sylvestre team have a full pipeline of projects, so there won't be a shortage for learning!

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