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Podcast Ep. 106 – Tips for Attracting High Paying Clients and Customers

Our guest today featured Henry DeVries, Publisher and Owner of Indie Books International. Henry's firm published my book “Poised for Exit” two years ago already. 

Henry founded Indie Books after helping 50 people write their own book, finding it as a calling to continue the work. Fast forward, he's published 150 authors and helps each one “write the right book”.  Writing the right book for your audience is one of Henry's many unique strengths; I can attest to it having worked with him. 

The process he uses and teaches to his clients in order to attract those high paying clients and customers is called “The Magnificent 7”….

1. Put on small group seminars

2. Get speaking engagements or podcast interviews

3. Write: articles, blogs, books

4. Be generous with your target audience

5. Network at the events you speak at

6. Have a presence on YouTube; share your expertise

7. Do paid events: workshops and presentations

“Offer help, not hype,” Henry says. Give away information that helps solve their problem in general, so they understand why they need you to help them apply and break down specifically. 

Henry's latest book he co-wrote with two of his colleagues is called “Rainmaker Confidential” and features 100 interviews of successful professionals on how they bring in high paying clients.

When it comes time to be “Poised for Exit”, Henry recommends you don't take your foot off the gas of your business. If you do, you risk losing revenue, enterprise value, and a good buyer. Use a professional exit planner to help you through the process!

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