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Podcast 96 – Financial Peace of Mind, On Demand

Craig Siiro, CEO and Founder of Integrated Consulting Services, got his start in the 1980's as a CPA working for a Tax and Audit firm. He spent a lot of time with entrepreneurs and learned that he really liked the advisory side of the business. Fast forward to 2010, when Craig launched Integrated Consulting Services or ICS, who provides fractional CFO work for owners of privately held companies.  In the spring of 2020, he added Cathy Sedaca as its Managing Director, and over the past few years the company has grown significantly. 

Craig and Cathy say their claim to fame is in helping owners understand their cash flow and to customize a model for their business that zeroes in on specifics pertaining to their industry, company size and unique goals of the company. Once a customized flow chart is created that accounts for all incoming and outgoing cash, it becomes much simpler to project future growth and gauge when to invest cash or use credit for future growth strategies. 

Craig says that ICS really becomes a partner with their clients; like a team member would. Taking financial management off the plates of their clients is life changing for many, who struggle with managing it all and still being able to sleep. 

The difference between a Controller and a CFO, they say, is that a Controller manages A/P and A/R, and tends to look in the rearview mirror when making decisions. In other words, what have we done in the past and what do past numbers show us? Whereas a CFO looks more to the future and makes decisions about how best to use money, how to build cash, as well as work closely with the company's CPA firm over tax planning strategies. 

Craig and Cathy say that having a written plan and knowing your numbers is key to growth and success. 

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