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Podcast 79 – Owners: Are you Doing What Makes You Happy?

In this #PoisedforExit episode, we met with someone who has found great success in owning a number of different franchises and living a life he loves at the same time.  

Ben Cowan, owner and CEO of 360 Wow Inc., is not stranger to owning a business and his big success strategy is happiness. 

Ben owns several 1-800-Got-Junk franchises, along with other franchise labels such as Shack Shine and You Move Me. His commitment to creating a great employee experience is the strategy that has propelled such amazing growth and it's all coming from a genuine concern for the happiness of others.

He's recently started an internal incubator program for some of his team who aspire towards entrepreneurship, but need a boost. The program he's assembled to help make that happen for them is quite remarkable. 

Ben's motto is “happy employees=happy customers” and that has proven true for many years now. He plans to continue using his competitive advantage of evolving an even better employee experience as he continues to acquire more businesses. 

Ben attributes much of his happiness to a book he read by Mo Gawdat called “Solve for Happy”. He also says that his relationship with his banker Jeff Campbell isn't just as an adviser, but as a partner. Thanks to Jeff and Fidelity Bank, Ben has been able to take swift action when opportunity arises, whether it's for equipment purchases, vehicles, or buying another franchise, Jeff Campbell 'gets it' says Ben. 

For more of Ben's advice and wisdom, listen to the episode now. 

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