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Podcast 75 – What do we Need in 2022? Leaders & Problem Solvers!

What do we Need in 2022? Leaders & Problem Solvers!

I had the privilege of interviewing Kirby Sneen in this #PoisedforExit episode, who is the president of Manufacturer's Alliance in the Twin Cities. Kirby leads a large membership of manufacturing firms with various specialties who seek to develop and grow their companies and their next generation of leadership

To that end, Manufacturer's Alliance has created programs with deliverables that focus on what owners of these firms need now more than ever. 

Developing better leaders and problem solvers might sound like a good tagline, but this organization puts words into action for its members, the results of which have been significant to the top and bottom line for many of them over the years. So much so, that these leaders are now paying it forward by leading peer groups within the Manufacturer's Alliance network of members. 

Through Kirby's leadership, the peer groups have grown to become one of the organization's most important and unique benefits to its members. The underlying foundation that drives their success is in fostering growth for every member. As Kirby put it “a clear path for growth”.  I emphasize 'clear path' because so many owners don't have a path or plan at all. Thus, growth can tend to get ahead of their capacity and capabilities, sometimes resulting in an implosion. Manufacturer's Alliance supports its members in order to avoid that kind of growth by peer group membership, educational programs and certifications that lead to greater productivity and efficiency, enabling them to not only plan for growth but handle it when it comes unexpectedly like so many companies have experienced the past year or two. Having strong, capable leaders to take the reins from the older counterparts is also a mission of this organization. 

Another foundational priority for Manufacturer's Alliance is to help make their member companies a “great place to work”. This kind of focus delivers expertise from those who've been there, so newer members can shorten the learning curve and maximize the impact it has on their teams. 

Kirby and his team have a special offer to learn more about their Peer Groups just for the listeners of this show. 

Simply go to and take a test drive of one of their groups to see if it's a fit for you. 

To learn more about Kirby and his amazing work with Manufacturer's Alliance, listen to the episode now.

Find Kirby here and find Julie here.

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