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Podcast 54 – Private Equity of a Different Kind- What is Family Capital?

Our guest for this #PoisedforExit episode is Emma Gergen, Principal with Carlson Private Capital.  Emma's role is to find investments among privately held businesses whose owners are looking to scale back, recapitalize or grow beyond what the current team is capable of, and then become the owner's trusted liaison and adviser within the firm's professional team. Emma and her team understand privately held business very well; in fact she and her partners all came from family businesses. They've been there and understand better than traditional Private Equity firms. 

Carlson Private Capital seeks companies with EBITDA of around $5M, with investments ranging from $20M-$100M.  The entire team is focused and dedicated to carrying on the legacy that the founders and owners have built. They believe that legacy and its impact should not be undermined, which helps put owners at ease when it comes to making transition decisions. 

For most owners, selling a business is a very emotional decision and Carlson Private Capital understands that very well. They also know that informed owners make informed decisions, which brings us to the importance of working with advisers who can collaborate and whose expertise aligns with your goals. 
When it comes to Private Equity, there are many categories. Family Business Capital or Family Office Capital is one of the ways owners can sell or partially sell their companies. Carlson believes that an owner should call their own shots, since they know the business better than anyone. The role they play is as one who can step in and help advise on strategy, finance, and capital execution, to name a few. But they are not there to dictate or take the owner's place at all. 

For more on my interview with Emma Gergen, listen now.

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