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Podcast 42 – Wellness Works! How to Deliver Health Programs for your Employees at No Cost.

Profile by Sanford is a health and wellness service provider whose holistic approach is being sought after by employers everywhere. Why? First, because their programs come at no cost to the employer (unless you want to provide it as an employee benefit) and second, employers are looking for ways to enhance their company culture and increase productivity at the same time. 

My guest for this episode is Danette Peterson, a Lead Dietician for Profile by Sanford. She truly believes that 'you are what you eat' and cited that most of the “comfort food” we've been seeking out since the Quarantine began is food that's not good for us. Any food high in white flour, white sugar and fat (most snacks on the shelf) can actually cause a sugar craving cycle that's really hard to break. 

The big benefit to working with Profile by Sanford is in the individual coaching they deliver to each member. Our eating behaviors need to be understood in order for us to make lasting changes. That's why they take an approach that deals with the whole person. They've even got an app that will customize workouts just for you based on your Profile; they've thought of everything!

Healthy employees have lower absenteeism, higher productivity and engagement. Not only that, wellness benefits are known to improve company culture. Why would you not want that?

To learn more, listen to the episode here.  Also, Danette is hosting monthly health and wellness webinars too! For more information, here's the Eventbrite link:

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