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Podcast 39 – The Three R’s: Repression, Resilience, Resolve

For this #PoisedforExit episode, we interviewed Lynne Robertson, CEO of Fame, a national Advertising and Branding firm. Lynne got her start in an ad agency as an office assistant and eventually worked her way to a C level leader. She ended up becoming the CEO of Fame when the original leader left abruptly. She did so well that she eventually ended up buying the company from its Private Equity owners; that was back in 2015. Since then she's built the firm from being retail focused to expanding its reach into other industries, especially the health and wellness industry. Her firm proudly provides advertising and branding services to St Jude Children's Research Hospital and has for many years. 

Lynne shared that she had to develop some tough skin in those early years as CEO, learning how to ignore the voice in her head that questioned whether she was cut out for the job. She called that “repression“; being able to repress the negative talk that was coming at her as she made her way as a corporate leader. 

'Resilience' is another attribute she developed over time and she said that it's not the same thing as persistence. Resilience can stand on its own with or without buy-in from others, yet being persistent about your stance isn't always the answer. 

'Resolve' means standing by your principles as a leader, even when they are not popular. As I like to say, “getting comfortable with being uncomfortable”. 

All of these traits have gotten Lynne Robertson to where she is today; a successful woman entrepreneur and respected leader among her peers and colleagues.  

To hear more about Lynne and to learn about her latest initiative “Lead Like a Mother” check out the show here.

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