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Podcast 31 – From being “Everything to Everybody” to “Something for Somebody”

This episode features Darin Lynch, a well known and respected digital marketing expert, who is the Founder and “Chief Liberation Officer” of Irish Titan.

Darin came from a hardworking start as an Iowa farm boy. His dream of owning his own business as a boy, with its own Bat Pole, came true! Along his career journey he spent time in the IT departments and Ecommerce departments of various publicly held companies, when one day, he decided it was time to see what he could do on his own. Irish Titan was born. 

You guessed it, Darin is Irish and his company branding definitely illustrates that, in addition to the company culture. “Titans” is a nickname he calls his team members and he's passionate about making sure each candidate knows what they're getting into at Irish Titan; as Darin calls it they 'self select'. 

He discovered the importance of determining his company “why” when meeting Simon Sinek. Of all people, one of my favorite thought leaders! Darin determined “Business First, Online Second” was the “why” for Irish Titan. The rest of the plan took hold from there. 

Darin's got big plans for Irish Titan, including future acquisitions, additional locations, and lots of shenanigans along the way. His leadership and vision have produced a business model of success that's truly one he curated himself; no cookie cutter here. For more on my intriguing interview with Darin Lynch, listen to the episode now!

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