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Podcast 192: 192 – A Financial Advisor’s Journey from Global M&A to Private Business Clients

A Financial Advisor’s Journey from Global M&A to Private Business Clients

Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Jeremy Weston, a financial advisor with Edward Jones whose unique background sets him apart in the financial advisory space. Jeremy's education in Business Finance first led him to work for large manufacturing corporations, primarily as an auditor for Mergers and Acquisitions. After his skill set proved to be one that could bring people together and build relationships, his role expanded into leading M&A Integration teams. His goal then was to align the company's purpose with its financial goals. If the two are not a match, the Integration usually takes much longer, costs more and many times will fail. He found he needed more than being a short term problem solver. 

Fast forward, he found his niche in working with owners of privately held companies to achieve their financial dreams, and 5 years ago acquired his CEPA designation. Now as a Certified Exit Planner, Jeremy is working more closely with business owners. He's not only advising them on their wealth planning, he's also advising them directly on money management decisions. As a CEPA, he wraps in advice on how and when to exit their businesses. Jeremy's expertise in manufacturing has been especially helpful for the clients who own these types of businesses; he gets what they've been through and what they're trying to do now. His advice is sound and not just theoretical. 

As a family man, Jeremy spends as much time as he can with his wife and four children. He's one of Edward Jones higher level advisors and takes his advisory role very seriously. 

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