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Podcast 183 – Rise of the Non-Technical Entrepreneur

Rise of the Non-Technical Entrepreneur

We had the great pleasure of interviewing Colin Hirdman in today's show. Colin and his partners founded Monkey Island Ventures, and their mission is to create as many successful founders as possible

Colin and his partners are entrepreneurs themselves, obviously, so their work is more than just a way to make a living. They love what the do and the difference it makes in the world. As Colin said, when an entrepreneur is motivated to create something from nothing and they build upon that success over time, the impact to others compounds the success. Monkey Island Ventures plays in that space of helping owners create more success, more jobs and more bright futures for all the stakeholders

Sometimes we as business owners have really great ideas to make a process more efficient, accurate, or profitable but we lack the technical expertise to automate it in the form of a software program. Enter Monkey Island Ventures, who have a process they work through with entrepreneurs to help them flesh out the ideas and map the feasibility of creating technology around it. Imagine having your own proprietary software!  What if you were able to sell your software to others in your industry? Imagine the impact…

Scaling a business can be done in many ways, but sometimes the next thing requires more knowledge or resources than what we have available to utilize. If you find yourself with a business problem or necessity that needs to be solved. It might make sense to meet with Colin and go through their “Clarity Canvas” process of unpacking the issue and ways it could be solved with technology. There's so much to this episode! 

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