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Podcast 169 – Serial Entrepreneur-Chasing the Hard Problems

Serial Entrepreneur-Chasing the Hard Problems

We had the pleasure of interviewing Gordy Meyer, CEO of Dayta in this episode. Gordy had a very interesting entrepreneurial journey that he shared a summary of, with an unbelievable story about his company and the New York Times at the very end; you'll have to listen to the episode to get it!

Gordy said he was entrepreneurial even as a child, with his own paper route and lawn mowing business. He knew he'd be the founder of his own organization someday, but he cut his teeth first at Fingerhut. His analytical skills came in handy for their business model and he learned how to strategically use data to scale a business in the right directions. 

His first company specialized in risk management through data gathering and analysis as a B2B service provider, which he sold in 2000 to LexisNexus! LexisNexis has since grown the risk management division to $1B in sales. He then went on to start, grow and sell two more companies. He moved into a Board member role at Dayta Marketing in St Cloud and served for 8 years, then made an offer to buy and scale the business. They've since created their own proprietary client project management program called “Daylight”, which could be compared to a project dashboard for clients and team members to access and update in real time. Gordy says his goal for Dayta is to improve their operating model through the use of these kinds of efficiencies. 

They'll be a company to watch for sure! Listen to the interview here   

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