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Podcast 154 – CEO and Founder of ZondraTV shares her Entrepreneurial Journey, fortified by Love, Drive and Grit

CEO and Founder of ZondraTV shares her Entrepreneurial Journey, fortified by Love, Drive and Grit 

#PoisedforExit had the honor of interviewing Zondra Evans, CEO and Founder of ZondraTV, a multi award winning television network, carried by Amazon Fire, Roku and Apple TV.

Before launching her network, Zondra spent 40 years in corporate America. At one point, she was laid off and decided it was time to pursue her dream creating opportunities for others to achieve their own dreams. From an interview to a talk show to a TV network, Zondra has become the go-to for unconventional TV programming.  She calls it “edu-tainment” television and it shows by the types of shows her studio produces. Shows like “A Moment in the Board Room”, “LeadHERship Global”, “Leadership Power” and “Giving Out Loud” among many others. Business shows with a social focus

Her network is expanding it's categories of shows as well and expanding into health and wellness, inspiration and several others. Zondra is a faith-filled person and often feels divinely directed to take action on various initiatives. These inspirations have become her strategy for growth and would be deemed  unconventional in 'professional' circles, but it works VERY well for her. 

The businesses who host and produce shows through ZondraTV have come to realize that conventional platforms to promote a business like Social Media and digital marketing campaigns are saturated. They all were looking for a way, as Zondra puts it, to “nest TV into their core business”. 

Her goal is to become revered as the Home of Positive Programming. Listen to this amazing interview and you'll learn why. Find Zondra here.

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