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Podcast 181 – True Story of Rapid, Strategic Growth Supported by Fractional Marketing Services

True Story of Rapid, Strategic Growth Supported by Fractional Marketing Services

We had the opportunity to have Luke Riordan, Founder and Partner of Dayta Marketing in the studio today as our guest host! Luke invited a long-time client, Tim Kraemer, President of TKI to share his story of rapid growth, that was largely due to the strategic marketing partnership his company has had with Dayta.

 The company was founded 86 years ago, and Tim and his brother Brian are the 3rd generation owners. The company name, “Tom Kraemer, Inc” bears the name of their father. Tim and Brian have been strategically growing the business ever since they took over and have made numerous acquisitions since then, with their most recent being in Buffalo MN of the LaPlant company. TKI as locations in several markets across Central MN and specializes in the sale and rental of portable shipping containers. They attribute their exponential growth primarily to the targeted marketing strategy they do with Dayta. As for acquisitions, they’ve become much more strategic about what constitutes a fit for them today vs in the early years. Tim said they learned some interesting lessons when the first started acquiring companies. 

Dayta’s approach to partnering with TKI has grown from a Social Media client over 10 years ago, to being their ‘marketing department’ with specialized team members within Dayta who cover all the bases from strategy, to web development, to Social, and Brand messaging. When a new location opens up, they formulate a plan ahead of time in order to create some buzz around it before it actually happens. In other words, a pre-launch plan that’s executed first. Brilliant!

Dayta is hosting an Executive Summit on Feb 22 2-4:30pm at Earl Giles in Mpls. Luke says contact him for information and to get an invitation to attend!  

Listen to the episode and learn more about TKI and Dayta’s amazing work here!

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