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The Fish Stinks from the Head: What It Means and How You Can Fix It

If you’re in the business sector, you’ve likely heard the phrase the fish stinks from the head. It’s business jargon that means that when a company is struggling, the likely cause comes from the leadership.

It comes from the idea that when a fish rots, the first area to decompose is the head and then continues down the rest of the body. When there are issues in a company, it begins with leadership. The failures in leadership work their way down the rest of the company.

As the person in the leadership position, change needs to start with you. When you are not cultivating a culture of respect and efficiency, other behaviors will be created to fill in the gaps. This is when you will start to see unhealthy behaviors in the workplace. Negativity, gossip, and pessimism will run rampant among your ranks. Once your team has gotten to that point, it can feel impossible to get them moving back onto the right track. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to do everything to get them back there.

It starts with growing your leadership skills. Today’s workforce requires more creative solutions to leadership challenges and an expert in leadership development can help you start that process. While it may be true the fish stinks from the head, healing and growth also begins from the top. You have the unique opportunity to shape and mold your business team into an efficiently functioning machine.

Julie Keyes can jumpstart your journey to leadership greatness. Whether you choose to engage in CEO-focused roundtables or one-on-one instruction, there’s a solution that will work for those who are willing to reach their full potential. Get started today by contacting Julie and discussing what your specific needs are. From there, you can pick a program and begin growing into the leader that you were meant to be.

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