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Hiring Great People

Finding the “right people for the right seats” has become more difficult than ever. There are many job openings all vying for the same candidate. But even though you know you need to be competitive as an employer, you don’t want to hire just anybody! When you are creating a specific job description, put together an outline of the ideal person to fit that description.  Envision the person you are looking for; not just skills and experience. What are their personal characteristics? How should they fit in with the company’s Core Values and business culture?

Remember: Ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on ice! Technical skills can be taught, but not so with motivation. Have they shown any loyalty to past employers? Look for patterns of behavior. What kinds of outside organizations do they belong to? What have they accomplished besides a college degree?

Check Facebook and Linked-in Profiles. Do you see any red flags? Do they have any Recommendations? Are you connected with any of their FB friends or connections, so as to get a reference?  Twitter has helped cause the demise of many companies (and employees)….so be aware.

Hire people who have skills different than your own, so you can learn from them, not just delegate to them. Getting work off your plate is only half the

reason to hire more people. You’re building a team and a culture that will control much of the company’s future growth. They have to be the right people for the job, motivated to progress and committed to the success of your business.

There are many ways to compensate people and they don’t all have to be monetary. The happiest employee’s are the ones who feel appreciated and included and when you treat your employees this way, you truly are building  a long-term, engaged team who will do more for your bottom-line than any other aspect of your business. Everyone wins!

I highly recommend that you contact a Human Resources professional if you have any doubts, questions or issues about your current hiring, firing, training and/or managing policies or processes. An HR professional can keep you up to date on Employment Law changes and make sure you are following proper protocols.

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Julie Keyes
Julie Keyes

Founder & Owner at KeyeStrategies, LLC

Julie is a Certified Exit Planning Adviser and Value Growth Advisor with 30+ years of experience. She works with business owners who seek to understand and maximize their exit and critical transition options.