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3 Resources You Need to See Before You Seek CEO Advising

On your journey to growing as a CEO, it’s absolutely imperative that you spend some time reading, researching, and understanding what it is that creates excellence. Without a doubt, CEO advising is a necessary part of that journey, but it should come after you’ve parsed through the data about what gives some people that extra “oomph” that takes them from ordinary to extraordinary. If you’re passionate about going the extra mile before you meet with an advisor, read up on some of the literature that’s been compiled about your field.

Harvard Business Review: “4 Things That Set Successful CEOs Apart”

There’s a reason that Harvard University is one of the most trusted and esteemed homes of higher education in the world. Their passion for data-driven research and aiding in advancements in nearly every field, from linguistics to law, sets them apart as a bounty of information. Their bi-monthly publication, the Harvard Business Review, is an invaluable resource for those seeking the latest news in the business sector. An article from their May-June 2017 lays out the four common qualities found in successful CEOs. Start here to evaluate where you are in terms of each of those qualities:

  1. Deciding with speed and conviction
  2. Engaging for impact
  3. Adapting proactively
  4. Delivering reliably

From there, you can start setting goals before you ever step foot into your first CEO advising meeting.

Elena L. Botelho and Kim R. Powell: “The CEO Next Door”

While not light reading, Botelho and Powell’s book is based on breakthrough research on what sets certain leaders apart and what leaves others with a lot to be desired. Though it was only published earlier this month, it’s already causing quite the stir amongst thought leaders in the field. The renowned author of Drive and When, Daniel Pink, said of the book, “Drawing on a remarkable analysis of thousands of current and potential CEOs, they find that the best of the best share some common traits… Whether you’re running a large organization, or simply have your eye on the corner office, this book should be your guide.” Read more at their website or purchase it on Amazon.

Julie Keyes: “Choosing a Trusted Business Advisor”

So, you’ve read about what it takes to be a successful CEO and you’re ready to get started with a CEO advising consultation to help you get there. This is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in your career and making the right choice should be a top priority. Julie Keyes, who has been in the business of CEO advising for over 30 years, put together a video to help you make the right decision. Once you’re sure that you’re ready, book your appointment for a consultation and start your CEO advising relationship with the best of the best. Don’t just take our word for it: Read client testimonials from business leaders just like you who found success and satisfaction with Keye Strategies.

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