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Am I Becoming the Person I Dreamed I Would be?

Are you a victim of inertia?

A standing object tends to remain stationary, while a moving objects stay in motion. There’s no way to gain momentum in a state of inertia…are you standing around or moving forward?You are the only one who can steal your own time, talent or skill. By doing nothing, you are doing just that. It’s nobody else’s fault.  “Some day, I will…..” “If only I could….” are statements coming from a victim mentality.  Are these  statements you use in your everyday language?

Victims: “Should have”, If only, It’s the government’s fault or the family of origin’s or the economy’s or bad luck. It’s never on them.

Sustainers: Why change what’s working? Stay safe and predictable; muddle through the week. Work for the weekend.

Dreamers: All full of ideas that never go anywhere. They have permanent potential, because it is never realized, just dreamt about.

Winners: Are doers; they see, try change and do. They are convinced that they are in control and don’t blame others or circumstances for their losses or failures. This day is a gift and it’s up to me to make it a good one.

Opportunities don’t knock; the opportunity lies inside of each person.

If you are a disciplined person by nature and something you are doing falls outside of your nature, you will not be happy with yourself until you realign with the person you see yourself as; disciplined. We find ourselves fighting against what we know is best for us; which is ultimately best for our loved ones and business as well.  Now is the time to get ready for upcoming opportunities…learning, growing, and thinking outside the box. If we think the same way tomorrow as we did yesterday and today, we will not grow. Growth occurs in forward movement, not staying the same or thinking the same. Innovation is dependent upon this kind of thinking; original, dynamic and challenging.

That’s not to say that we always have to be trying to find what’s wrong with a situation or person. If we look hard enough, we can always find something wrong enough with a person that if we focus only  there, we suddenly don’t like them anymore and they don’t even know what they did to make us so upset or disappointed! The question is, who am I really? This question has been asked many times by millions over the centuries and I don’t think it’s a question we ask ourselves one time and then we’re good. As human beings, we are constantly changing and growing.  After we have honestly answered that question the next is: What is my expanded view of myself? Who do I want to be? If I were that person now, how would I behave? What would I do or not do? Why not be that person right now? Another way of saying that might be “fake it ‘til you make it”, but it goes deeper than that. It’s about believing, seeing acting and having it manifest before us; our best self right now.

Many times our beliefs about ourselves are unconscious, that is we have never articulated them to ourselves.

Once we put pen to paper and identify who we are, it becomes much easier for us to expand and define who we want to become. We make a conscious decision to be this person, right now.  If we have ever gone so far as to describe our Core Values or what we believe is essential in life, this will help move us forward in discerning who we want to become. We don’t just aspire to be our Core Values, we have to live and perfect them in who we are; truly, authentically and daily.  This would require some vulnerability on our part, yes? Some would say that allowing ourselves to be vulnerable makes us weak, but it really does the opposite. In order to be truly human and alive we need to feel empowered by vulnerability. This is vital to every aspect of our lives, especially in our relationships, whether personal or professional. So, take a risk and be your most authentic self.

The world needs more of the real you.

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Julie Keyes
Julie Keyes

Founder & Owner at KeyeStrategies, LLC

Julie is a Certified Exit Planning Adviser and Value Growth Advisor with 30+ years of experience. She works with business owners who seek to understand and maximize their exit and critical transition options.