Speaking & Training

Passionate & Authentic

In the corporate world, as in real life, no one is perfect. No one is always a success. Everyone in all levels of business, including leadership, can benefit, see success, and find solutions from new ideas and motivations. Everyone needs help to define, work towards, and achieve their goals.

In order to achieve success and find solutions, every level of business ownership and management can benefit from a speaker who is passionate about bring energy and information to your event!

Whether you are looking for a speaker to deliver a powerful message to a group of business owners or professionals, or someone to lead a workshop or presentation on a certain business topic, you can count on Keyes to be fully engaged and deliver timely, actionable content with humor and authenticity. 

Presentations options include:

“Building a Strong Referrel Partner Network”

Are you tired of being an “Army of One”? Julie helps you build strategies with your best referral sources by first identifying where to find them, then how to cultivate the relationship. Referrals are your best source of business and the most under-utilized by business owners.

“Strategic Planning”

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Julie drills down to help you uncover what’s missing in your business and helps you build strategies to achieve your goals. Fun and invigorating!

“Time Management”

How you spend you time each day has a great deal to do with your overall success. Learn how to get back more of your time with these simple steps.

“Business Owner Transition”

This educational presentation highlights “must have” information to help guide you through what many consider the most significant financial event of your life:  ownership transition.