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Podcast 92 – A 43-yr-old Startup! When ‘Exit’ Takes a 180 Turn

A 43-yr-old Startup! When 'Exit' Takes a 180 Turn

On this episode of #PoisedforExit, we featured the founder and president of National Theatre for Children, who happen to be former clients of mine and friends as well. Ward Eames, Founder of NTC and Pat Rowan, President of NTC shared the story of how NTC came to be and how they were able to so nimbly pivot after the onset of the pandemic. 

NTC is the nation's largest theatre production company for schools in the country. This has been its model for 43 years; teaching children in schools using theatre as its teaching method. When the pandemic hit, the leadership team at NTC created a new method of delivery and within two weeks their offerings were all offered online.  This gave rise to the birth of “Livestream Learning Studio” which is a subscription based, school pay service, that is launching in fall of 2022.  The system was tested during last year's school year and is designed to deliver real time content to and for teachers in the following categories: STEM, Health and Wellness, Financial Literacy, SEL

NTC provides the talent, content, and operations for the new venture, which includes several other investors. Our long time colleague Rick Brimacomb of Brimacomb Capital is involved with the launch and growth of the business as well. Their next round of funding will occur in early 2023.  The goal for the investors is to build and sell the Livestream Learning Studio in 3 years, and they're on track to do just that. 

In the meantime, Ward continues to “practice” his official exit from the business, and even though it's taken a 180 degree turn for now, he's excited about the excellent opportunity to grow Livestream Learning Studio and stay involved on a visionary and  business development level. 

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