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Podcast 84 – Chief Stripe Changer Talks about Finding your Fire!

Chief Stripe Changer Talks about Finding your Fire!

Today on #PoisedforExit we interviewed Cat Breet, Chief Stripe Changer, whose mission is to help people get more freedom, fun and money out of work! Cat's work brings her into Board rooms, executive offices and group coaching sessions where she works to help her clients “find their fire“. Too many people are living their lives unfulfilled, because they  struggle with identifying what they really want out of life. She facilitates her clients  through a scoring system that contrasts their priorities with the options they have for making changes. 

We also talked about how sometimes we struggle to find ourselves. Yet, finding ourselves, what we want and don't want are different today than in previous years. As people, we evolve and grow, which may cause what we really want to evolve as well. Cat has a process for helping clients identify and revise that over time. 

Her advice for anyone struggling to find fulfillment in work is to do two things: 1. Find your fire  2. Identify what the fire should look like

Cat has a resource she has created called the “Priority Scorecard” for any listener who requests it. Click here to get your complimentary copy and see how you score!  Listen to the episode here to learn more about the Scorecard! 

Cat also has a weekly live LinkedIn show on Thursday mornings. You can find more information on her show at   
Lastly, she has a new book coming out this summer! To learn more about her book go to 

Find Julie here.

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