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Podcast 77 – Buy, Lease or Move On: Decisions in Commercial Real Estate

Our show guest featured Sam Eicher, partner with CRE Partners. A firm specializing in commercial real estate representation for buyers and tenants. Sometimes business owners aren't sure if they should lease, buy or move on when it comes to location and expansion decisions. Sam shared some great advice and stories of what he's seeing in the market today, as well as what his crystal ball is telling him for the new year. 

During the height of the pandemic, his clients were faced with so much uncertainty (as we all were) about leasing or buying space, that things were on pause for about a year for him. Now, he says business owners are more willing to commit to long term leases again and he's busier than ever with client expansions, buying new or additional buildings, or moving locations into the suburbs. 

CRE Partners is a client centric firm that focuses on long term relationships, anticipating the future real estate needs of its clients and being proactive in their advisory as their client's businesses grow. 

Sam's outlook for 2022 is optimistic, as he is already seeing commercial real estate rebounding and believes it will continue into next year. One thing that Sam recommended owners of commercial property do in 2022 is to assess the needs they'll have in the future, not just now. As my book “Poised for Exit” indicates, it's important to plan ahead (like years ahead) when making big decisions. How will the decision impact your ability to transition in the future? Sam advised that owners meet with a professional who can help them assess their current real estate needs and look at a variety of scenarios along with their implications before making major real estate decisions. 

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