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Podcast 49 – Guess Who’s Center Stage in Business Today? HR!

Guess Who's Center Stage in Business Today? HR!

That's right, Human Resources, one of the most neglected aspects of running a business is taking over as the main focus for many employers. Our episode today with Amy Crews, of Crews HR Consulting tells why. 

Here we are (almost) post-pandemic and what is happening with our small business employees? They're leaving; in droves. It's called “The Great Reshuffle“. People are leaving their current firms and going to places where they think they'll be happier and have more job satisfaction. Some were planning to leave before the pandemic, but stayed on. Others are leaving now, because of how the pandemic was handled internally and are not happy with the way things turned out. If you haven't read about this, google it and you will find several articles. 

The hard truth is, if you didn't spend time building employee loyalty during the pandemic, it could be too late.  Some of your employees may be seeking greener pastures.

Amy Crews has been in the field of HR for 25 years and she's spent a great deal of that time making high level HR decisions for large companies; many of them manufacturing firms. She's also worked for smaller companies, and been an entrepreneur herself, helping her husband run their family business. 

Amy says the old way of doing things when it comes to recruitment and retention has got to go.Out with the old, in with the new” she said.  Candidates have more opportunities today and many can afford to be picky. You must sell them on coming to your firm as much as they need to sell you on themselves. Where the focus for employers was on being sold, now the shoe's on the other foot. 

What to do about recruiting the best and brightest? Amy recommends adopting  a mindset focusing on company Culture, and building that up through programs that foster loyalty and teamwork. She said adopting a formal Mentorship program and Apprenticeship program can be two great initiatives for you to recruit and retain the best candidates. 

She also said that we must be swift in our communication with candidates when they apply. Not like the old days, when resumes and applications would sit in a file until someone had interest in going through them. (I can tell you that was me back in the day!)  With all the job opportunities out there, candidates need good reasons to apply with your company, so give them what they're looking for. Fulfilling work and a place where their voice matters. 

For more on this important topic, listen to the episode now.

Find Amy here or by emailing and find Julie here.

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