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Podcast 36 – A Fresh Perspective: Why Your Business Needs a Brand AND a Reputation Strategy

Our guest today is Rose McKinney, Founder and CEO of Pineapple RM, a Brand and Reputation Management firm. 

Rose has been doing the work of managing her clients' reputations for many years. You'll want to listen to this show, because she offered some great insight into why reputation is so vitally important to a company's overall brand. 

When you think of your company's brand and its message, would you say it's synonymous with your company's values and vision? When you consider whether a company would want to buy yours, have you thought about how reputation plays a key role in the decision? Today's show offers some practical advice for ensuring this very thing. 

Pineapple RM advises their clients with a foundational philosophy that believes companies are always in some kind of transition; whether in exit mode or not. The evolution of a company, especially post-pandemic, could be the ideal time for a brand refresh, especially if business models have changed, or products and services have changed. 

When was the last time you assessed your brand? Rose advises that companies consider doing this every 3-5 years, asking questions like “what's changed for us since we last identified our brand?”  “Are we communicating the same way we have in the past?”  As I said earlier, if who you are now as a firm has evolved,  it's probably time for your brand to catch up. 

Your Brand is 'shorthand' for who your business is and how it operates! How well the message matches what you actually do and believe is a big part of reputation management

For more insights from Rose, listen to the episode now.

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