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Podcast 29 – Taking Leaps: Serial Entrepreneurship and Diversification

On this #PoisedforExit episode, we feature entrepreneur, Nicole Anthony who tells us all about her latest endeavor called “COYABLU Tequila Cocktails” !  Premium tequila cocktails in a can, in 8 flavors! Personally, I can't wait!

Before she became CEO of COYABLU, Nicole had her hand in starting, running and selling 3 other companies. We talked about the diverse skill set it takes to launch and build a successful business, and while no one has everything it takes, it's important to be smart and assess where you're strong and where you need to plug in expertise outside of your own. 

Nicole absolutely loves people, so for her, sales and marketing come naturally. Ironically, one of her most successful companies was a Marketing firm, which she sold in August of 2020.  COYABLU was born out of 'necessity' Nicole tells us. One day when sitting with friends around her luxury apartment pool, it seemed everyone else was drinking canned hard seltzer except her, and she didn't like making trips to her apartment to mix a drink. She thought “wouldn't it be great if this amazing cocktail came in a can?” And thus, the idea of COYABLU was born. 

She and her team of Twin Cities experts have been working hard to launch the product and will be test marketing in January, with a line of 8 flavors hitting stores in the spring of 2021! 

Be on the look out for COYABLU Tequila Cocktails!  Hear the rest of the story here.

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