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Podcast 26 – Creating Messages that Connect and Matter

Our guest for this #PoisedforExit episode is the Founder of “A Simple Message”, David Mann. David's background as an actor, director and playwright serve him well in the work he does with his clients. He focuses on creating a message that attracts the right kinds of clients and customers, through relating to their emotion over logic. In theatre, your entire focus is on the audience…”will they know what we're trying to convey? Can they see me from that angle of the stage? How will they react if we try this or that?”  Conversely, when we're trying to appeal to our target audience, our message is most effective when it's repeated, yet highly focused. 

David says you must earn the attention of your target audience, and most of us have targets much too large for what's necessary and we 'push' out information that we think they need and want, but do they?  What if we actually related our message to what our audience wants to hear?

David uses a process called 'layering a message' when he helps clients create engaging messages. First, he says you must capture their interest, using simple language and visuals. Next, you use language that appeals to their emotion and the problem they have that you know you can solve. Third, once credibility and value have been established, ask for the sale. 

Many companies are finding they need to refresh their brand message. The times have changed and we as entrepreneurs need to change along with it, especially if our runway to exit is short and our branding no longer tells the right story. 

Storytelling, according to David Mann is one of the best ways to get a message across, because it becomes relatable when we're sharing a story about one human being to another. When the story is well crafted, we can empathize, put ourselves in their shoes, and visualize what's happening. Learning how to tell the story of your business is not just about sharing its history. 

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