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Podcast 179 – Replacing Fear with Courage: A Fresh Look at Employee Development

Replacing Fear with Courage: A Fresh Look at Employee Development

Sarah Line, CEO of Boredroom Breakouts joined us in this episode and how intriguing was our conversation!

Sarah's background as a Mission Trip coordinator and leader provided the foundation for the work she does now as a corporate change management expert. Many corporate leaders struggle with how to equip their teams with strategies to manage change; like M&A Integrations for example. There's no wonder the failure rate of M&A Integration is so high, when alignment of culture, values and team building take such a backseat to other acquisition factors. When “change navigation” can be documented as in the work Sarah and her team do, it adds to the value and transferability of the business. When teams can resolve conflict because they understand each other better, and can communicate openly, the results are only positive for everyone.

Among the many ways Sarah works with leaders and owners to develop stronger teams and adaptability to change is by coordinating and leading corporate retreats using a creative fusion of science and fun!

Sarah says there are 5 Core Human Fears that are foundational in fostering change, and that she works with each person to help them identify what their primary fears actually are. Sometimes what we think it is, actually turns out to be something that pertains to one of the 5 Core Fears. 

Learning how your brain is wired to manage change and stress, and that you are capable of not only coping but thriving can be a breakthrough experience for her participants. 

Sarah is currently working on a digital form of her content, which is slated for launch on March 1!  You can find out more about her and her programs here and listen to the episode here!

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