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Podcast 177 – Entrepreneurs’ Organization: A Tribe to Thrive With

Entrepreneurs' Organization: A Tribe to Thrive With

Patrick Donahue, Chapter President of the Entrepreneurs' Organization in MN joined us to talk about EO; its origins, benefits, success stories and how it has transformed the lives of so many members across the globe. 

The criteria to become a member is a short list and mostly tied to revenue. Members must be majority shareholders of their companies and most are well above the qualifying $1M revenue threshold, but for owners of companies below $1M in revenue, they offer EO Accelerator for early stage companies who want to grow or for smaller company owners who seek outside advice and feedback from like-minded peers

In the end, it's a peer group, but the primary difference is that EO's mission is to support the whole person, not just from a business standpoint. The educational offerings cover an array of topics and often provide “transformational value” as Patrick can attest to. He generously shared a moving story about how EO helped his entire peer group deal with a shared crisis.

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Suffice it to say that as a long time member, it's done more for Patrick personally than anything else. But you'll have to determine that for yourself by setting up a visit to an upcoming meeting. 

Learn more about EO and contact Glenda for more information here 

EO's upcoming Rally in May brings hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over the country. Find out more here

Connect with Patrick here and Julie here

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