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Podcast 176 – “Stephen Covey was Right!”

Stephen Covey was Right!”

We had the honor of featuring a long time colleague of Julie's, Ken Saddler, with B2B CFO.  Ken's expertise in building enterprise value and helping owners understand their numbers and how they correlate to value was the topic of our conversation. 

Ken is a partner with B2B CFO, a firm that specializes in fractional CFO services for small to mid size companies who need the extra pair of eyes monitoring their budgets, income projections and overall financial situation on a regular basis. So often, owners will delegate this kind of work to internal staff who aren't always qualified to make bigger money decisions or provide financial advice to the owners, which can often lead to unnecessary cash flow fluctuations and missed financial opportunities. But having a go-to like Ken can and does make all the difference, for both the short and long term health of the company. 

Numbers tell a story, as we know, and sometimes owners need the advice from a trusted advisor on how to fix money situations that tell a negative story and perhaps predict an unfavorable outcome.  Knowing where the value lies in your business, building upon it, and aligning it with your overall plan is where the magic is. Ken says it all starts with a plan. When you have a plan that focuses on both the top and bottom line, you'll gain the attention of the dealmakers looking for a good investment for their buyers. 

EBITDA multiples will fluctuate depending on industry, company size and value factors that aren't necessarily tangible. “Goodwill” tends to drive the most value in a business; things like your brand, team, diverse customer and supplier lists and tight processes and systems are hot buttons for buyers seeking a turn-key investment (as long as the numbers tell a clear story!)

Find Ken here and Julie here 

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