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Podcast 164 – Exit Planning Institute, President Scott Snider Talks about Lessons in Entrepreneurship and the future of EPI

Exit Planning Institute, President Scott Snider Talks about Lessons in Entrepreneurship and the future of EPI

Our episode today featured the one and only Scott Snider, President of the Exit Planning Institute. Scott and his father, Chris Snider purchased the business in 2005 and have grown it from a few hundred CEPA advisors to several thousand. The Value Acceleration Methodology is the foundation of the Certified Exit Planning Advisor's role in the exit planning process. 

Scott shared some nostalgic experiences as a young entrepreneur before becoming an owner of EPI and some of the lessons he learned. One thing he really emphasizes for business owners today is to move from being an owner of a successful company to an owner of a significant company. He outlines what he means by that very well, but you'll have to listen to the show to get it!

EPI's future growth plans include an expansion of their academy courses, conferences and the annual Summit, among other projects. The future CEPA goal is to get to 10,000 worldwide in 3-5 years. Right now they're at approximately 5,000, so this is a very realistic goal. 

A lot of things have changed at EPI since Chris and Scott acquired the business. Not just massive growth, but high quality growth. More leadership in the industry, more resources and best in class professional members who take collaboration seriously. As a long time member of EPI, I'm glad to have witnessed all the positive changes and to be a part of this outstanding organization

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